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Interesting links 7 April 2013

During the last week I came across some interesting links and discussions related to changing climate and/or evidence.

(1) On the Climate Central Blogs there is a posting of a 13-seconds animation that shows changes in surface temperatures around the world since the 1950s. Have a look at Watch 62 years of global warming in 13 seconds

(2) Wiley-Geography tweeted a collection of research on the theme Climate change, variability, adaptation and justice.

(3) The Africa Adaptation Knowledge Network has a discussion going on “How can better use be made of existing knowledge to support adaptation efforts? How can learning from success and failure become more systematic? Why not join them?

(4) On the LSE blog Michael Bassey wrote that we should rather argue for evidence-informed policy than evidence-based policy.

(5) Jim Sumberg wrote on the blog of theSTEPS Centre how the idea of ‘evidence-based policy’ is often understood to mean looking at evidence about ‘what works, where and for whom’. He highlights a second area of evidence, namely evidence about ‘what is, what has been and what is likely to be’. Read his blog “Celestial (policy) navigation“.

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